What Is Your Dharma?


Well, first of all, what is Dharma?

Defined as ‘the path of righteousness’ sounds a little uptight to me. Finding your dharma is indeed a righteous path, but there is no One Way. Each individual’s dharma is unique. Dharma is about finding your path that sustains you, brings you joy, and is harmonious.

In this age of internet, entrepreneurialism, and supermoms there are a lot of paths to consider. This more lateral way of existing allows for more creative ways to make money and live, but it can also be paralyzing. What to pursue? How to best use time and talents?

As I approached my 29th birthday last week these questions of long term abundance and happiness have been on my mind. 

Recently, the University of Colorado Boulder, my alma mater, requested some of my yantras for their permanent collection (thank you Melanie Yazzie and Lara Fairbanks!). As I considered the project, exploring this concept of dharma stood out to me. By now I know that yantras are a piece of my dharma puzzle– Not only do I create and teach the process of yantra design for a living, but when I create a yantra it is my meditation. If I am making a decision or stuck on something, sitting down and creating a yantra will clear my head and allow for the ideas and inspiration to arise. 

I chose four yantras to enrich my dharmic path. The first, Jupiter (yellow), represents abundance, generosity, expansion and luck. Next, I chose Venus (light blue) because she brings bliss, beauty, and love. Mars (red) is a fiery planet all about passion and inspiration. Finally, I created the yantra for the deity Ganesha, known as the Remover of Obstacles and often invoked at the beginning of any project.

Dharma unfolds as life goes by. It is important to pursue your passions and dreams, but also to trust and allow for them to happen!