curious about yantra design?

What is a Yantra?

Yantra design is a form of sacred geometry.  A Yantra is similar to a Mandala, except that whereas a Mandala represents the entire cosmos, a Yantra represents just a piece of the cosmos, like a note or a flavor of a bigger whole.  Each design is container of energy, a tool for liberation. They are created with a very particular process and are constructed using specific shapes and colors that, when combined in a precise way, hold a particular vibration.  YAM = to support or hold, TRA = liberation.


Approximately 4000+ years ago when the holy sages were meditating in Himalayan caves of northern India, they were trying to comprehend the universe and receive Tantric teachings. The first thing that came to them was Mantra, or sound vibrations. Both chanting and listening to mantra has vibratory impressions on the brain and consciousness.  The second thing that came to these wise sages was Yantra, or the visual vibration of the universe.  You can think of both Mantra and Yantra as the language of the universe.  They exist beyond human consciousness and our awareness of them.  They are eternal.

What are the benefits of Yantra design?

When creating or meditating upon a Yantra, you are working with and gaining benefit from the specific vibratory package the Yantra holds.  For example, if you are working with the Moon Yantra, you are gaining feminine nourishment and healing the divine feminine.  The Ganesha Yantra on the other hand, is a more masculine energy that grounds, protects, and removes obstacles in life.  Yantra creation, like meditation, is one of the few activities that allows us to access and utilize both hemispheres of the brain at the same time.  This creates new pathways in the brain, which is beneficial in opening the mind, creating new ways of thinking, and breaking old habits.  All Yantras have the benefit of bringing peace and enhanced creativity.

Who is Yantra design for?

Anybody can benefit from Yantras!  You don’t need a spiritual practice or artistic experience.  Anybody looking to awaken deeper creativity in their life will especially benefit.  For example, if I don’t know how to start a project in my life, even something that is not artistic at all, I can work with a Yantra, and the ideas start to come!

How do I use a Yantra?

I create specific Yantra commissions for people and I also teach the creation process.  Below are some options!  Also see my events & retreats page.

How do I choose a Yantra?

I provide numerology readings complimentary with a Yantra purchase. You can give me your birthday, the birthday of a loved one, or a meaningful date and I will give you some options based on the numbers.  I get a lot of commissions for new babies, weddings dates, and people working with their own “stuff”.  You can browse my gallery and choose based on your own intuition.  I am also open to create Yantras that you do not find in my gallery. Go to gallery.

Private Lesson

Private lessons start at $100. It takes about 1-1.5 hours to lay out the design with compass, ruler, and pencil.  Painting the yantra with watercolor takes an additional 1-2 hours. We can do this in one long session or break it up into 2 sessions. Materials included. Available via Skype. Contact Phoebe for more information.

Group Workshop

If you would like to host your own Yantra workshop with your friends, I charge $300 for the first 5 people and an additional $35 per person after that.  All materials included.