Do You Like To Party?

Singing, dancing, imbibing substances around a fire…

Sounds like a party right?

Didn’t the word party used to be a noun? In the past 10 or 15 years is has become associated with excess drinking, taking drugs and the verbs ‘to party’ and ‘partying’ are common place.

Why do we party?

Mostly to have fun, feel connection, and often the hope of meeting someone special… But why then do we often feel that sense of regret after a night of heavy debauchery?

As a culture we have turned away from organized religion. In gaining some aspects of freedom we have lost ritual and ceremony.

People (and many indigenous cultures still do) used to get together and celebrate something higher than themselves. They used alcohol and other substances as offerings to the divine. Their ‘partying’ satisfied their need for community, connection, and having fun.

I’m definitely not telling you to start going to church. But if waking up, going to work, and then blowing off steam by getting really fucked is sounds familiar, then you might want to find the ritual in your own life. Even if it is just recognizing why you want to party and setting an intention before you go out!