Is Your Yoga Authentic?


Does it matter?

Does your practice make you feel more connected to yourself, the people you love (and don’t love), and the world around you?

Does your yoga help you make better decisions for yourself and for the benefit of others?

Then the answer is YES!

There is a lot of valid debate going on in the yoga world about new forms of yoga, the way it is practiced, taught, and how it continues to evolve.

(Yes, you should have more than 200 hours of training in order to teach, sorry, that part is true. You would’t consult a doctor with only 200 hours under his belt!)

BUT, like all traditions, yoga is an evolving philosophy and art.

If it is music, heat, incense smells, or a new pair of leggings that get you in the door, than great! Eventually the yoga will find you. You will discipline yourself and go deeper when you are ready. These “distractions” may fall away, but culturally we are used to being super stimulated, so we might need these helpers.

As people evolve so should our yoga!